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Castles and historic houses

CastellieDimoreIn the province of Turin there are 22 castles and historic houses that can be visited, scattered along rivers, plains and hills. Six of these are in the Canavese area. Such a large presence of castles is due to the important road routes which in the past were joining in the Ivrea plain and needed to be supervised: the road to France through the Aosta Valley, the road to Turin and the one to Milan. Many castles have then been transformed into residences by the Savoy.

Agliè Ducal Castle
Built in the XII century by the Canavesan marquis of San Martino, the castle of Agliè has lived through the passage of dukes, princes and kings, a glory of an ancient and noble past, witnessed by the variety of designs that are still present in its apartments and gardens.
It’s made of over 300 rooms and surrounded by a magnificent English and Italian style garden, and a park with secular trees, fountain statues and big greenhouses.

Castle of Castellamonte
An ancient medieval building, the castle is on a promontory dominating not only the city of Castellamonte, but the entire Canavese area.
Today the complex is made up of the "white palace" with a seventeenth-century plant and attributed to Amedeo di Castellamonte - architect of the Savoy, and maker of the Venaria Reggia - and of the "Red Tower", built by the Counts of San Martino in the middle of the 19th Century, in neo-Gothic style and decorated with red earth, typical of Castellamonte.

Masino Castle
The Castle, overlooking the wide plain of the Canavese and immersed in an immense romantic park, stands on a hill in front of the long morainic borders of the Serra di Ivrea. Starting from the eleventh century and for more than 100 years, it was the main residence of Valperga di Masino. The castle is made up of several massive rooms, such as the frescoed and lavishly furnished rooms, the ambassadors' rooms, the lounges and Madama Reale’s apartments. It’s surrounded by an immense park with a labyrinth of hedges.

Parella Castle
The castle, a large four-winged building, exhibits a renaissance atmosphere, with frescoes dating back to the late '600. The interiors are decorated with precious frescoes and fake architectures. The Hall of Jupiter has a sumptuous ship hull and historical-mythological frescoes, and has a gallery of illustrious men of the medieval era. The paintings depict six allegorical scenes that recall different themes: love, justice, faith, strength, virtue and value.

Castle of Torre Canavese
Presumably of arduinic origin, it’s said the castle was built on an existing Romanesque tower by a son of Arduino in 998. The Castle maintains the original tower, the walls surrounding the top of the hill and the chapel.

Castle Malgrà of Rivarolo
The castle was built between 1333 and 1336 by the feudal Count Martino di San Martino, and underwent several extensions in the following centuries, thus becoming a noble residence. Passing through the drawbridge you can visit the inside, where you can admire the burial tower and 1440’s frescoes.
In the 1980s, it was acquired by the Council, which uses it to host exhibitions, concerts and cultural events.

Castles and Historic Houses is an initiative of Turismo Torino e Provincia.

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