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The AMI Museum Network

Cop RMA 16The AMI Museum Network is an innovative inter-provincial project to enhance the museum’s sites in the territory through a long-lasting promotional plan aimed at making them well-known within the system representing the culture and traditions of the territory.

At the same time it aims to ensure a concrete opening program and a positive visitors’ reception by using young people who will, after a training program for museum operators, be involved in the management and museums’ openings over summer's weekends.

The project also aims to attract local and people's attention to economic opportunities linked to a greater influx of visitors. The local administrations and economic operators’ involvement will be crucial in this area to ensure the supply of goods and services is adequate and directed towards building a satisfying and lasting relationship with the visitors over time.

The AMI Museum Network is therefore becoming a permanent, seasonal activity able to enrich the cultural and touristic offer of the Ivrea Morainic Amphitheater.

The AMi Museum Network is managed by the Ecomuseum AMI: go to the list of museums in the AMI museum network to find out more

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