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logo consorzio valli canaveseThe Consorzio Operatori Turistici Valli del Canavese, founded in 2012, has its headquarters at the historic Grand Hotel of Ceresole Reale, a real estate resort built at the end of the nineteenth century, and a source of inspiration for the Ode to Piedmont by Giosuè Carducci. The operational headquarters is at Villa Ogliani in Rivara.

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The Associazione Ristoranti della Tradizione Canavesana (Canavese Traditional Restaurants Association) aims at enhancing Canavese's typical food, even by searching for long forgotten recipes, using as much local products as possible as well as contributing to the improvement of professionalism in the hotel industry , promoting tourism, organizing festivities, exhibitions, fairs, conventions, shows, excursions in order to make the territory and its specialties more well-known.

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