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Tickets Management (Assistance)

In order to provide you with better support, you can use our ticket management system for every problem and every request you want to send to Katuma.

Tickets are of two types: public and private. The public tickets are visible to everyone, even to unregistered users, and usually concern problems and requests that are of common interest. Private tickets are only visible to those who created them.

In order to enter a new ticket you need to login: the feature is only available for registered users.

To access ticket management, you must click on "Tickets" on the top right or on "My Tickets" in the "My Data" menu at the bottom right.

When you access the function, you will see the list of public tickets. To see your tickets then you need to press the button "My Tickets". If the button is not there it means that the user is not yet authenticated; proceed with the login ("Log in" top left).

Creating a new ticket

To create a new ticket you have to press the "New" button. An identification number is assigned to each ticket, which can be used to check the progress of the ticket and related messages.

When entering the ticket you are required to:

  • Add a short title identifying the problem or request
  • Choose YES/NO to choose whether the ticket is private or not (YES = Private, NO = Public)
  • The category to be selected from the list in the proposed list (i.e. "Products" if the request is for the products, "Where" if the request is related to the "Where" section of the site)
  • Ticket type (i.e. Error Reporting, Features Required); The type "Emailed" refers to a ticket opening related to a problem already reported by email
  • Priority to Assign (Low, Medium, High, High)
  • Any attachments can be added by clicking "Add file"
  • A description as complete as possible of the request or the problem

When all the data has been entered, you must press "Send" to send it to Katuma.

At this point, the ticket identification code is displayed besides indicating to the user how many other tickets are "queued" before it.

At the same time, an email with all the entered data will be sent to you.

If instead of "Send" you press "Cancel" you’ll go back to the previous page without sending the ticket.

Tickets list

The list of tickets, both public and private, reports for each ticket:

  • the title of the ticket and, below the title, the code assigned when it was created
  • the number of responses that the ticket had
  • Ticket status (i.e. "On Hold", "Closed")
  • Priority (high, normal, low)
  • the date of creation and time spent since creation
  • the category of membership
  • Indication whether the ticket is private.

By clicking on the title of the ticket you will access the detail page where you can enter any response.

Ticket details and response insertion

By clicking on the title of a ticket you access the page that shows all the data entered at the time of creating it, in addition to the current status of the ticket, the date of creation and the time elapsed since publication.

On this page you can:

  • Make a private ticket public by clicking the "Public" button or, on the contrary, make a public ticket private by clicking the "Private" button
  • Save the changes without leaving the page, by clicking the "Save" button
  • Save the changes and then exit the page by clicking the "Save and Close" button
  • Exit without saving, by clicking the "Back" button
  • Declare the ticket closed by clicking the "Closed" button.

Additionally, you can see the list of answers that you have already entered, both from the user and from Katuma, and insert a new answer.

An answer may contain description and attachments.

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