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What is Katuma

Katuma is a new way to valorize and "sell" the Canavese, by connecting food and wine producers, restaurants, wine bars, bed and breakfasts, small museums ...

Katuma ideaHow?

By ensuring that each "participant" in this network gains advantage by suggesting the products and services of others. For example, a B&B offers local jams to its customers, and leaves a reference to the online website so that they can buy the same jams from their home.

It’s a long journey of collaboration and integration.

Now we are at the initial stage where we offer products of excellence in our territory and online: a fascinating place full of food and wine treasures of many small craftsmen using the oldest recipes and processing techniques of the Piedmont culture.

But these products cost more! Sure they cost a little more ... but not much!

But do you to eat healthy food? Drink homemade wines and liqueurs?

Eating is a must, eating well is a choice!

You can always go to the supermarket and buy cheap industrial products, you will definitely spend less. But, once in a while, try to eat better, buy quality products, and test little-known products from the tradition and the hard work of small producers.

Katuma offers the opportunity to buy products that are not found in supermarkets and at the right price: unique products for lovers of good, genuine, quality, exclusive food.

Typical Canavesan products are part of the Piedmont's food and wine heritage, which is still little known, and because of its peculiarity it deserves to be discovered. These products originate in an area located in an ideal geographical location with a unique and fascinating landscape.

Discover the Canavese by clicking here.

On this website you will find candies, chocolate, honey, creams, jams, biscuits, juices, salami, wines, grappas, liqueurs, sparkling wines, vinegars, hemp products and much more that will be added day after day.

Canavese has many food and wine treasures, with natural beauties and a relevant historical and artistic heritage.

What are you waiting for??

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